The advantages of Selecom Plus car door frames

🔷Preset at the factory and no need for other settings at startup

🔷Arian System Ro new generation drives with smart function

🔷Fully electronic set of drive system

🔷The ability to adjust the panels in all directions

🔷No restrictions on cabin height

🔷Three years of golden warranty

🔷Adjustable skates

The advantages of Selecom Plus landing door frames

🔷Stepped column for safety and better appearance

🔷The frame and mechanism are completely separate (such as the Italy’s new Selcom MDS1 design)

🔷Placing the mechanism between the columns to prevent the door from breaking (such as the Italy’s new Selcom MDS1 design)

The advantages of Selecom Plus car door mechanism

🔷Height and depth adjustment is completely possible.

🔷In the start-up phase, it is sufficient to place the red dots on the cabin door and the floor doors opposite each other.

🔷Using parts with the same design and dimensions as Celcom Italy’s doors, such as wheels, sill and railings

🔷Compliance with the standard distance of the landing lock in the closed position according to the Italian Selcom standard



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