The advantages of Rad Plus car door frames

🔷Placing the mechanism between the columns to prevent the door from breaking (such as the Italy’s new Selcom MDS1 design)

🔷The frame and mechanism are completely separate (such as the Italy’s new Selcom MDS1 design)

🔷Stepped column for safety and better appearance

🔷Designed for use in high traffic

🔷Reinforced metal pad

The advantages of Rad Plus landing door frames

🔷Five years’ golden warranty

🔷Very smooth and quiet operation

🔷No change in speed against the drop in city electricity voltage

🔷No disturbances and errors in counting encoder pulses

🔷Adjust speed and power separately across movement points

🔷smart control 3-Phase Field Oriented Control (FOC)

🔷Uniform movement under different loads compared to the weight of the panels and the force of the spring

🔷Eliminating the gearbox resulting in long life with very high efficiency

🔷Designed for use in high traffic

🔷A fully exportable product that meets today’s world standards

🔷The use of extremely resistant waterfall bracket

🔷reinforced packaging



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