IP65 standard

In every insudtry and field of knowledge, standards for product development and manufacturing are vert important, which leads to the develpoment of a single system and scale for assessing product quality.

IP is a standard used to classify electrical enclosures and measure their performance in protecting various equipment against liquids and solids such as water and dust.

In this standard, IP stands for Ingress Protection and means the level of protection against the entry of materials that we introduced earlier. The next two values indicate the strength of the product, so that the first value can be from zero to six, where the number six means maximum protection in dust and solids in general. The next number also takes a value between zero and eight and is a scale for measuring resistance to liquids, and a larger number means better protection.

The first number of the protection degree

The second number of the protection degree

6- Complete protection against contact with live or moving parts of the device, the dust entry holes inside the device are not completely blocked, but the dust that enters the device does not cause disruption to the internal system and the device’s operation.

5- The device is protected against splashing water with pressure from any direction to its body under certain conditions and does not pose a serious risk to the device.



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