Arian System Ro

Arian System Ro group was founded in 2003 as a means to design and manufacture elevator industry equipment. From 2013 working under Azin Cabin production, the management of this research and manufacturing complex has been applying modern and new research and survey methods for improvement and development of the industry. This company has always been innovative and pioneer in the field of production.

Brief History


  • Establishment of Arian System Ro production complex under Asr Toseè Ertebatat Co.
  • Manufacturing Dolphin 1 drive with adjustable micro controller.
  • Manufacturing semiautomatic Sematic doors. in various sizes and designs.


  • Production of full automatic Sematic door with Dolphin1 drive.


  • Introducing modern X7 doors with X7-vvvf drive and 3 phase asynchronous motors.


  • Obtaining license from Standard institute for automatic landing door lock system.
  • Production of MAGICON two speed command board.
  • Introducing MAGICON drive command board.


  • Manufacturing Dolphin 2 doors with switching power source without reductive trans.


  • Manufacturing standard engineered and designed cabin using laser and CNC technology.
  • Initiating Arian System Ro as Azin cabin Co. and dissolution of Asr Toseè Ertebatat Co.
  • Arian System Ro new factory opening.


  • Production of Dolphin 22 drive with special abilities such as using encoder and 150 watts power.


  • Manufacturing Phoenix X7 250 watts drive with special options.


  • After a 12 years of experience in manufacturing elevator doors and eliminating faults and flaws in order to introduce a world class product, our engineers successfully managed to redesign and manufacture Selecom Plus landing door with a new design in accordance with Italian Selcom doors.


  • Selecom plus car door with unique Hydra plus ASR drive is Designed and manufactured.


  • Design and manufacturing selecom two and three panel door and introducing the first Selecom plus car door with PM motor and drive.


  • Selling and product support process update
  • Introduction and production of two new products under the RAD PLUS and ECO PLUS trademarks.
  • Launching internet store
  • Obtaining European CE standard


  • Developing an integrated software platform for the sales, production, and accounting departments.


  • Designing the RAD PLUS doors to meet the IP65 standard and have smoke-barrier and fire-resistant features.



Number 56, Third east street, Main Boulevard of Khorramdasht, Khorramdasht industrial town, The new city of Pardis, Tehran

Postal Code: 1653372504


Sales Office:

No. 8, Unit 57, Khanbabaie street, Next to Tiraje shopping center, Ashrafi Esfahani highway, Tehran

Postal Code: 1473186885

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