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Selecom Plus Manufacturing Process Features

  • A combination of special metal sheet work using modern instruments such as Laser, Punch, Press break (CNC).
  • Applying fixtures in the production process in order to achieve uniformity and avoiding any human error in montage process.
  • Utilizing gauges in quality control on each and every product in order to avoid any human error in production and montage process.

‌‏Stepped column

There is no seam in the attachment between column and panel.
‌‏We design and manufacture our doors with fireproof column, according to the”Elevator safety and counter measures against fire standard”

Elimination of Mechanism misalignment inward the elevator shaft

The Selecom Plus brand uniquely designed by Arian System Ro industrial group eliminates the inward misalignment of the common problem of mechanism toward the elevator shaft, by installing the mechanism on top of the columns.

Selecom Plus Elevator Door Advantages and Benefits

Arian System Ro industrial group production line was launched in 2003.

Using regional technical engineering ingenuity and having more than 12 years of experience in various elevator parts production, ASR designed and introduced automatic doors under the “Selecom Plus” brand.

In less than 4 years, with constant research and redesigning according to international standards, we marketed more than 25000 Selecom Plus doors by which we achieved our customer’s content and satisfaction. It could be surely said that Selecom Plus is far better and superior than other imported doors.